The Pravda-Clan is one of the strongest King of the Hill Clan in arma 3. It has about 45+ Members and everyone of them is over Level 100+. It can be found on the Hostile Takeover RU Server, where they are playing the most time. MgostLH, who is the leader of this Clan is also known, to be the best King of the Hill Player at the moment. Most of the members are from Russia, but there are some members from other Countries. The Clan showed which POWER they have in a Clan Wars. They gave the enemy no chance to win the game and ended it with 100 - 0 - 0. Right know many Members of Pravda left King of the Hill. Even the Leader MgostLH, left Koth. There are only a few Members left who are still playing King of the Hill.


Leader - MgostLH

Co-Leaders - BlackSorrow

Admins - Plusha; Nikolay; Levniy; Maslenok


GUP PravdaSmall 3053

Clan Logo

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